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3 Days Of Offflavor Removal

To what extent can ozone remove geosmin in RAS?

In land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), fish are farmed in reused water. Good water quality is vital in such systems to support growth, minimize disease outbreaks and ensure the welfare of the aquatic organisms. Ozone is an excellent candidate to improve water quality

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VIDA project: Removal of off-flavour in farmed fish and saving water

Using ozone and UV in combination (the Martin-concept) to remove geosmin and MIB from aquaculture water. First test at the salmon hatchery on the Baltic island Bornholm.

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Modern fish farming is all about monitoring, control and digitalisation

Grieg Seafood is one of the world's biggest salmon producers and a world leading fish farming companies, with an annual production target of 100,000 tonnes gutted weight (in 2020).


How to farm fish smarter

The RASALT project, a joint effort by farm-tech innovator OxyGuard, researchers at DTU Sustain, and Nordic Kingfish (former Sashimi Royal), offers a glimpse into the future of aquaculture treatment for saltwater farming

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Everything you need for fish farming

OxyGuard is transforming fish farming by providing comprehensive solutions tailored for all facets of the industry, from small-scale endeavors to extensive commercial operations. These solutions include the necessary equipment and digital tools specifically designed for the aquaculture sector.

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Are we closer to an answer on the off-flavour challenge in RAS?

Can the use of ozone eliminate enough geosmin and MIB to remove the need for purging in RAS?