How to farm fish smarter

how to farm fish smarter with technology and tweaks that will maximize the yield of your RAS

Seeking the ideal water quality solution for your RAS saltwater fish farm?💧

The RASALT project, a joint effort by farm-tech innovator OxyGuard, researchers at DTU Sustain, and Nordic Kingfish (former Sashimi Royal), offers a glimpse into the future of aquaculture treatment for saltwater farming.

We are thrilled to conclude, that our trials demonstrate safe ozonation, removing 50% of organic matter and reducing bacteria by 80%, setting new standards for water quality procedures based on the innovative farm tech we are known for.

“OxyGuard aims to be the best in the world at what we do, offering farmers safety in their production through outstanding equipment. These recent results support our mission to ensure that you keep the value of your investments for as long as possible,” says Jesper Heldbo, aquaculture Specialist at OxyGuard.

Reach out today to discuss how these new findings can elevate your farm's performance and secure the welfare of your livestock.

Watch the full explainer video:

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