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Revolutionizing Fish Farming with Advanced Equipment and Digital Tools

OxyGuard provides tailored solutions for all the diverse needs of the aquaculture industry. We have the equipment you need for safeguarding and optimizing your productions as well as handling logistics in your daily work whether it is for a pond, a flowthrough, a RAS, a hatchery, a sea cage or a fish transport.
All OxyGuard equipment is tailored for aquaculture and we have been engaged in the fish farming industry since 1987 and have happy customers in more than 120 countries around the globe. All products are 100% Scandinavian produced, ensuring high-quality standards.

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OxyGuard hand-held meter Polaris C and probes

Our extensive range of probes and sensors are engineered to monitor all water parameters that are crucial for the health of your fish stock. All sensors can be tailored for your specific needs with adjustable cable length or extra protections for fouling or corrosion etc.

OxyGuard provides both portable hand-held meters you can bring around with you on your farm, and stationary probes for continuous data collection.

Our probes come with a digital and electrical in-/output enabling connection to The Pacific - our measuring, monitoring and control system.


The Pacific system is designed as a scalable "Build-as-you-grow" solution, working almost like assembling Lego bricks, allowing for the addition of units or new functionalities at the pace you need them. This modular approach guarantees that the return on investment (ROI) will be proportional to your expenditure, making it a versatile choice for aquaculture operations of varying scales. The Pacific system enables full monitoring and control of your fish farm. From a central touch screen the Pacific offers a comprehensive view of all tanks and sensors, and it comes with a customisable set-point for your preferred values i.e. oxygen levels including an alarm system giving your notice in case of divinations from these set points.

The system has relays for turning on/off pumps or opening/closing valves. It also comes with a 4-20mA in-/output enabling connection of non-OxyGuard equipment as well.


All equipment, including the Pacific units, can be connected to our digital farm management software Cobália.

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Cobália provides extensive functionalities enabling a high degree of precision fish farming. Cobália is a digital copy of your farm and from your local computer/tablet/phone, you can manage and control most functionalities.  On top of this, Cobália gives you updated growth and performance tables and has a diagnostic module giving you access to features such as autogenerated facility reports, mortality trends, weather forecasts and prognosis. From Cobália you can manage feed and follow the performance of single batches. It also comes with management modules enabling task management and a digital bucket list for individual employees.

Data from individual probes can be transferred to Cobália via barcode tags or through a Pacific system. You can add and customize the type of data and the units you wish to access for further analysis.

Cobália is not a concluded product and our dedicated department is working full time on developing the platform and including new features based on customer wishes. We are integrating AI and machine learning to handle big data on feeding behaviour and fish health and modules to conduct elaborate multiparametric analysis for farm optimization.

Under the slogan “be a part” all subscribers have an active say in the ongoing development of the software. Cobália is all about enabling the aquaculture sector to grow and the price is very low to support all farmers, both small and big.

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One complete solution for fish farming

It is our stated goal at OxyGuard to provide our customers with the technological solutions they need to grow their business. In other words, we are here to make you successful!

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