Choosing the right technology matters - what technology gives the highest return of investment?

The main parameter for running an optimal fish farm is management. However, even the best manager can improve significantly simply by using the right technological upgrades. For example, some sensors might be redundant, while others can save you several percentages on the bottom line. We can help you estimate what upgrades you would benefit from.

What type of farm do you have?

Water Quality Testing And Monitoring Water Quality Testing And Monitoring

Keys to daily water quality testing, management and the human factor.

Monitoring and managing water quality daily is a key process to running any aquaculture facility, especially with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The importance of excellent water quality cannot be overstated, but the gap between knowing its importance and setting up a proper water quality monitoring program is immense. Equally immense is the gap between employees that can take and measure water quality, and those that can interpret water quality and choose when to act.

These two keys – a proper monitoring schedule and employees that can use monitoring information to manage water quality – are essential to the health of stock and farm.