Sea Cages

Sea cage aquaculture is farming fish by enclosing them in cages or pens anchored in natural waterways – estuaries, bays, or other coastal marine environments. Juveniles are sourced from hatcheries or wild populations, protected from predators, and fed regularly. Fish are kept in the sea cages until they reach marketable size.

Sea Cages (3) Sea Cages (3)

Three reasons for monitoring water quality in sea cages:

Sea Cages Storm


To warn of adverse conditions that can affect the health of the fish.

Sea Cage Feeding (1)


To ensure that the fish are fed correctly.

DO Probe In Sea Cages


To control oxygenation.

Monitoring and control systems

Modern sea cage farming practice with increasing stock density and the necessity to optimize the use of resources requires a functional and reliable monitoring and control system. Another advantage of the monitoring and control system is maintaining a complete record of the conditions the fish are subjected to from egg to table, thus keeping records full for proper traceability and statical analysis.

OxyGuard has supplied systems for sea cages for more than 20 years.

We can offer you sensors, accessories, and complete systems to keep your sea cage farm running problem-free. We design each system according to the specifics of the facility and customer needs. For example, you can choose to view and store data on the case or send it to land and if the probes should be wired or wireless.

Sea Cage System Design Sea Cage System Design