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The First DO Probe

In 1987, we introduced the first waterproof oxygen meter for use in aquaculture. The meter completely overtook the market, and OxyGuard succeeded in a very basic way where others before us had failed. We meet the needs of the customers.

DO Probe (2) DO Probe (2)

Our Goal

OxyGuard was founded with the primary objective to create equipment that would provide users with exactly the equipment they needed. The first oxygen probe leaving the OxyGuard facility introduced a new standard in aquaculture. The probe was reliable, accurate, hardwearing, easy-to-use, and had an extensive longevity compared to all other equipment on the market. Equally important, it was affordable for even the small fish farmers! Soon we had the leading position on the world market, a position we continue to hold.

Since then, the aquaculture sector has grown from small manually handled fish farms to a worldwide industry. We have continued to deliver state-of-the-art equipment that meets the new and changing needs in the sector. Whether you need a handheld meter or a total process and control system, OxyGuard can provide it. While we focus on aquaculture, other branches also gain from using OxyGuard equipment, including nuclear power plants, the military, environmental sciences, and on one occasion, even NASA.

DO Probe (1) DO Probe (1)

Industry 4.0

OxyGuard continue to provide the aquaculture industry with new and better equipment. With a team of some of the world’s best engineers, a creative work environment and an uncompromising vision to always deliver the best we can to our customers, we  provide the sector with new solutions that keep up with the technological development, giving our customers the stability and competitiveness needed on the market.

We are currently actively involved with the task of bringing the aquaculture industry to the next level of development – the industry 4.0 (digitalization). If the aquaculture industry is to expand, it can only do so in the context of competitiveness on the global food market where agriculture today holds the biggest market share. OxyGuard take the lead and apply the technology and expertise needed for our customers to gain ground on the food production market of tomorrow.  

Sea Cage Sea Cage

The process

At our facilities in Denmark, we have gathered all parts of the production under one roof.  The individual steps from idea to finished product happen at the same place. We try to make a creative working environment with a minimum of hierarchy and a large degree of collaboration. Having everything under one roof creates a special set of working conditions that act in a synergetic way. The cross-disciplinary collaboration between our departments allows us to think creatively and to invent and produce equipment that has been well thought through from the smallest technical detail to the implications the equipment will have for the individual fish farmer, who will eventually use the instrument. Our scientific, communication and sales teams feed the engineers and developers with information about the market, trends in the industry as well as the customers’ specific needs.

We provide a large degree of freedom to all employees and encourage them to take on the responsibility that suits them in their current personal life situation.

Team Team

OxyGuard grows and evolves through five basic concepts:

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1. Quality over Quantity

It may seem like a simple concept, but it is the core principle of everything we do. We want our equipment to be outstanding and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We would rather sell hundred pieces of outstanding equipment than thousand pieces of good equipment.

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2. No glitter

Our primary focus is on producing products of high quality to affordable prices. To achieve this, we have reduced expenses on costly packaging, causing us to offer lower prices on our equipment while reducing our environmental footprint.


3. Our value is our customers

We have a motto saying: “Our products are only as good as our customer service”. With customers in more than 120 countries, we have built an extensive network of dealers who can provide customer service in your native tongue. We also have a “10-hour call back service” for emergencies.


4. Trust

Putting the life of your stock in the hands of technology calls for trust. We try to earn this trust by making robust, reliable and long lasting equipment and by offering good customer support. We strive to be the best in the world at what we do, and by creating outstanding equipment we offer you safety in your production and ensure that you keep the value of your investments for as long as possible.

Digital Farm (1)

5. Clear the path

Technology often drives the development of a market. Therefore we strive to foresee the future in order to provide our customers with the technological solutions needed to compete on the future market for aquaculture. We were the first to introduce an affordable, reliable and accurate oxygen probe and the first to introduce a CO2 meter, both of which completely changed the textbook on aquaculture. We were the first to introduce dynamic control of the entire fish farm, and we are constantly working on creating new, better and groundbreaking inventions for aquaculture.