Pioneer Mounting Fixture

The Pioneer mounting system facilitates the correct positioning of OxyGuard dissolved oxygen probes, especially in waste water treatment plants, rivers and other difficult applications.

The aluminium frame is mounted to a rail or similar at the side of the water, and the probe can then easily be raised for inspection, cleaning or calibration, and lowered for use.

When lowered, the probe is situated approximately 30 cm. under the surface, where it measures the correct oxygen content of the water and not just the surface value. The surface value can be erroneous, especially in heavy rain.

The flexible bellows allows the probe to move – it will always point downstream. Rags, fiber, twigs etc. cannot snag on the probe, but slide off, producing a self-cleaning action. This also protects the membrane from damage. Any fatty deposits, since fat floats on water, build up above the probe and do not disturb the measurement.

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Pioneer Mounting Fixture