Waste Water

The measurement and control of dissolved oxygen levels in waste water treatment basins is one of the most traditional DO measurements. The OxyGuard Probe  has also made a large impact on this. The OxyGuard probe maintains its internal sensitivity indefinitely and does not require regular service. Staff familiar with traditional probes had to learn to leave OxyGuard probes alone! With regard to accuracy, reliability, low maintenance needs and total cost of ownership the OxyGuard probe is better than any other on the market, including those based on luminescence.

OxyGuard single channel DO meter- Atlantic is designed for use in waste water treatment plants, and when used with the Pioneer mounting bracket it provides an unbeatable solution. OxyGuard pH probes, with extra sealing against moisture and built-in impedance converter that eliminates electrical disturbance, are also very well suited for use in waste water treatment plants, especially when fitted with the OxyGuard automatic cleaning system.