Sea Cages

There are three reasons for monitoring water quality in sea cages. One is to warn of adverse conditions that can affect the health of the fish, the second is to ensure that the fish are fed correctly and the third is to control oxygenation. Trials have shown that oxygen added to the water in sea cages in the correct manner is not wasted but remains in the cage area and is used by the fish.

The Commander Pacific System is used on sea cages. Data can either be viewed and stored on the case or sent to land. The latter can be done without cables by using the Commander LAN option and a wireless LAN link to shore.

OxyGuard has supplied systems for sea cages for more than 10 years. Modern farming practice with increasing stock density and the necessity to optimise the use of resources make monitoring and control in sea cages more and more popular. Another reason for such monitoring is to maintain a full record of the conditions the fish are subjected to on their way from egg to table, thus maintaining full records for proper traceability and statistical analysis.