Land Based Aquaculture

It all started with systems for growing eels in tanks on land. The multiple-channel systems introduced in 1987, when OxyGuard was founded, are still available, though now with updated components. These systems are still an excellent choice for smaller systems where more straightforward alarm and on/off control is sufficient.

OxyGuard’s company philosophy is to provide the user with exactly what is needed – we have called this “No Nonsense Measurement”. If you only need a single oxygen measurement you can obtain exactly that – The Model 420 – is a DO probe with built-in 4-20 mA transmitter that you can use if you only have a single DO measurement to make.

Most users today, however, need measurement, monitoring and control, because competition on the aquaculture market is so intense that every resource must be used optimally, The OxyGuard Commander Pacific System will enable you to do just that. All of OxyGuard’s unique experience and expertise in providing measuring, monitoring and control systems for aquaculture has been put into making Commander Pacific the best system on the market. It is both very flexible and very adaptable, and a Commander Pacific system that meets the user’s precise demands today can be adapted in the future to meet demands not yet even thought of. Software packages are available for a number of exciting functions, and the extensive data logging capabilities of Commander Pacific permit thorough statistical analysis and provide an important contribution towards full traceability.