Food and Drink

Perishable food is now often packaged in sealed containers with a modified low-oxygen atmosphere. OxyGuard oxygen meters, e.g. the Handy Atmosphere, can be used to check such gas.

Drinks, too, benefit from having a controlled oxygen content. Beer is probably the drink that is the subject of the most attention here, because extremely small amounts of oxygen dissolved in beer will change the taste considerably during storage. The PPB Hygenic is designed to measure ppb oxygen levels in beer, and its probe can be cleaned in place in the pipe.

Wine is another drink that is affected by oxygen. The PPB Hygienic is also ideal for measuring the oxygen content of wine. The linear response of OxyGuard probes means that this meter can be used at all the levels of DO found in wine. OxyGuard also produce a probe small enough to be lowered into a bottle of wine to check oxygen content during storage.

Recently oxygenated drinks have become popular. OxyGuard DO meters are ideal for measuring high levels of dissolved oxygen under pressure, as is the case in this application.