Marlin is a single-channel measurement transmitter instrument explicitly designed for use in aquaculture.

One of the critical advantages of Marlin is its water resistance, which means it can be used in various wet environments without fear of damage.

You can order Marlin with the probe of your choice to meet your specific needs:

- Dissolved oxygen (electrochemical or optical)

- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

- pH/Redox

- Total Gas Pressure (TGP)

- Temperature

- Salinity

- Ozone

- Any other probe with 4-20 mA input (e.g. Model 420)


Marlin features a 4-20mA output and MODBUS/TCP for PLC/SCADA compatibility, making integrating your existing systems easy.

It is also Cobália compatible, ensuring seamless communication with the Cobália digital management system.

Whether running a commercial aquaculture operation or simply monitoring the water quality in your backyard pond, Marlin is the perfect tool!