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The BIZON Project: Innovating Aquaculture with Ozone Technology

OxyGuard has officially launched the BIZON project, hosted in Denmark. This ambitious two-year pilot initiative, in collaboration with DTU-Sustain and DanForel, and the project will be followed by a special aquaculture veterinarian, who continuously will examine and compare the conditions in the ponds.

The BIZON project aims to revolutionize the aquaculture industry through the implementation of ozone technology, and the project are supported by the Danish Fisheries Agency (Fiskeristyrelsen) and the European Union (EMFAF).

Since mid-spring 2024, our R&D teams have been hard at work installing approximately 60 sensors across four raceways at Nørre Vium Dambrug. These sensors are monitoring parameters such as pH, oxygen levels, ozone concentration, and turbidity, which are integrated into the Pacific monitoring system and will be managed digitally through the Cobália platform.


Key Objectives of the BIZON Project:

Ozone Water Purification

One of the primary goals of BIZON is to validate ozone's efficacy in purifying water within existing freshwater systems.

By introducing ozone technology, we aim to prevent off-flavor agents from accumulating in fish flesh, thereby reducing the reliance on traditional purging methods.

System Optimization

Efficiency is at the heart of our mission. Through BIZON, we are enhancing current systems to minimize energy consumption while optimizing water quality in fish farming operations.

Improving Fish Welfare and Water Quality

Central to our project is the enhancement of fish welfare and overall water quality through ozone treatment.

Early findings indicate that ozone-infused skimmers have successfully eliminated over 90% of bacteria from production water, underscoring our commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices.

Scientific Evaluation and Environmental Assessment

Rigorous scientific evaluations are being conducted to ensure the reliability and credibility of our ozone technology.

These assessments will provide valuable insights into the environmental impact and sustainability benefits of our innovations.

Partners and Participants

The BIZON project brings together a consortium of experts including DTU Sustain with Associate Professor Henrik Rasmus Andersen and Senior Researcher Adam Christopher Hambly.

DanForel and DanAqua are the owners of the pond farming facility in Nørre Vium, and the project is virtuously checked by Aquaculture veterinarian Simon B. Madsen.

OxyGuard International A/S provides the technology and our dedicated R&D team follows the project closely for the next 2 years running. 

Moving Forward

On this exciting journey, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable aquaculture practices as we continue to innovate and drive positive change in the industry with the BIZON project.