Probe for EX Classified Areas

The OxyGuard probe is a membrane covered galvanic cell that generates an electrical signal proportional to the oxygen pressure it senses, no matter which medium it is placed in.

The probe can measure very small oxygen concentrations in inert or explosive gases as well as the oxygen content of ambient air and the purity of oxygen gas.

The EX version is covered by a stainless steel sheath so that the total non-conductive area is small enough for it to be used in EX classified areas. The probe itself is a “simple apparatus” and as such does not need any approval before it can be used in such areas. An approved barrier or isolation amplifier is used to connect the probe in the EX area to the transmitter that is used in the safe area.

The probe also includes an NTC temperature sensor to enable accurate % volume measurements under changing temperatures.

This probe has exceptionally long calibration and maintenance intervals.