OxyClean Probe Cleaner

The OxyGuard OxyClean is a small attachment with a large effect for use with OxyGuard dissolved oxygen probes. Compressed air is used, and a blast of air of a few seconds is enough to clean deposits from the membrane amazingly efficiently. This short blast of air is hardly enough to disturb the measurement, and blowers controlled by the oxygen measurement will not normally be affected.

The OxyClean is very easy to use – slip it onto the probe so that it fits onto the top part, just above the join in the probe, then tighten the small grub screw to hold it in place. Connect it to a supply of compressed air controlled by a magnetic valve. A 5 second blast of compressed air at up to 2 bar pressure every 30 minutes should suffice for most uses.

If you use an OxyGuard Atlantic (or a Commander system) you can let a timer in the unit control a standard magnetic valve. If, however, you use the cleaner with an OxyGuard Model 420 a magnetic valve with built-in timer should be used.

A special type of compressed air cleaner is available for the Pioneer mounting system. This cleaner is incorporated into the probe mount tip of the Pioneer, and operates in the same manner as the OxyClean.