Ocean Probe

This small-size version of the standard OxyGuard dissolved oxygen probe is a membrane-covered
galvanic cell that generates its own voltage. The Ocean DO Probe is designed for long-term measurements in ponds, lakes and oceans at depths up to 2000 m. A special version for depths up to 7000 m is available on request.

Due to an ingenious pressure compensation system the probe is insensitive to pressure changes, and, as with all OxyGuard dissolved oxygen probes, it has built-in temperature compensation. It is, unlike some other types of dissolved oxygen probe, NOT sensitive to hydrogen sulphide.

The Ocean DO Probe delivers a millivolt output directly proportional to the oxygen pressure that it senses. The connected electronics can therefore be quite straightforward.

The Ocean can be delivered in a mounting configuration to suit the user. The standard version has an M18 x 1 mm thread mount and 50 cm leads for moulding into a multi-parameter sonde as an OEM device. The stand-alone version is also available, this has 3m cable unless otherwise ordered.