Live fish transport

Transport of live fish is common practice on many fish farms, used for example:

- After harvest, during grading or sorting

- To take fish to short-term live storage 

- To stock ponds in the same or other farms for breeding or growing

- To bring live fish to market

Fish Transport (3) Fish Transport (3)

Water quality during live fish transport

During the transport, the water quality changes progressively. Major changes occur in the concentration of the chemicals, such as dissolved oxygen, ammonia, carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore it is essential to keep water quality optimal during the whole journey.

Water quality control is easy with OxyGuard!

We have developed a system specifically designed for the transport of living fish – Pacific Convoy.
Pacific Convoy monitors and controls oxygen injection and temperature, logs data and events during transport, and allows you to monitor the conditions from the tablet placed in the cockpit.

Live Values From The Cockpit Live Values From The Cockpit

Live tracking from anywhere!

Moreover, you can add Cobália to your system, which will enable you to track the fish transporting track and keep an eye on the water quality from any computer anywhere!

Convoy And Cobália Convoy And Cobália