Aquaculture Management Software

Cobália is a multi-user online system exploiting IoT, BigData, DataMining and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through a cloud database, all measurable data is analyzed, collated, recorded, distributed and exchanged for countless purposes in order to create transparency, compute best practices, pinpoint areas of beneficial improvement for both production, management and environmental practices and for countless of other purposes of interest to all stakeholders in the sector.

The data collected throughout the value chain is the basis for an advanced AI based analysis that can locate critical bottlenecks for development in the sector. For the fish farmers Cobália is an extremely powerful farm management software that enables a large variety of possibilities for optimisation, management and atomisation of tasks. There are tailored benefits for all stakeholders.

Analysis across the value chain can form the basis for a general development of the sector. For example, meat quality can be linked back to production conditions and problems with pigmentation and brown meat can be evaluated on an entirely new level.

The possibilities are endless!

General benefits of Cobália

  • AI module to locate critical bottlenecks for development in the value chain.
  • Sector wide software platform to bring transparency to the sector
  • Availability of data to create trust in farmed seafood
  • Benchmarking with all other stakeholders and 1000 of connected farm

Cobália is an advanced farm management platform that enables you to control and evaluate every part of your production. The farm management system will keep track of daily, monthly and yearly tasks, auto-generate reports for authorities, keep track of inventory and give a complete visual overview of the conditions on your farm.

The built-in AI unit can prognosticate and optimise production possibilities (i.e. inter-correlation between water chemistry and the physical environment for improved growth) and draw best practise conclusions across data from the thousands of farms connected.

Your data can be shared with your suppliers to enable them to give tailored advice based on your specific farm conditions. For example, your feed supplier can tailor feed specifically for your farm based on real data on your farm conditions.

Suppliers of pumps, etc., can give automatic notice if there is a problem with the functionality of their products.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Smart farm management with a modern digital farm management system
  • Atomisation of tasks and auto generation of reports, etc.
  • Tailored advise from feed companies based on your specific farm data
  • Optimisation of your production based on sector wide benchmarking and AI analysis
  • Full control over which data you wish to share
  • And much more…

General benefits for Suppliers & Processors

Cobália brings you close to your customers and highlight their specific needs. With Cobália you can access product performance from all the farms connected to Cobália to help you evaluate, develop and innovate.

  • Access to data on product performance from all your customers around the world
  • Opportunity to tailor your products for individual customers’ needs based on their own data
  • Possibility to field-test new products
  • Significant improvements of logistics for deliveries, services, etc.
  • Possibility to link e.g. meat quality to growth conditions

Traceability and sustainability are two of the most important things for consumers today. With Cobália we ensure full traceability from farm to fork. Use Cobália to ensure that you can give your customers the product and product information they need in order to trust your products, e.g. certificates or other documents on production origin and conditions or on the processing the product have undergone after leaving the primary producer.

  • Full traceability from farm to fork
  • Access to consumer-relevant information on farming conditions
  • Access to environmental approvals
  • Access to farm certificates, e.g. organic, Global G.A.P., ASC or MSC certificates.
  • Access to data that support transparency in the value chain to secure customer trust in the products
  • Recipes and tips for meal preparation

The comprehensive amount of data collected worldwide with Cobália is valuable when evaluating the impacts on e.g. national strategy for market development and it can help governments in removing “red tape” barriers for sustainable growth.

NGOs and knowledge organisations can access this highly valuable information to conduct scientific research or to evaluate environmental conditions and developmental impact.

By giving a high degree of transparency in the value chain Cobália can support new and better regulation(s) of the national and international sector.

  • Access to data on sustainability and environmental impact(s) to develop guidelines and strategies for improvements
  • Information to support reduction of “red-tape” barriers for the industry
  • Transparency in the value chain to support new regulation
  • Tools to evaluate environmental conditions
  • Access to the newest knowledge from research and practises

Supported by the Green Development and Demonstration programme (GUDP)
under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.