The Pacific System Overview

Pacific is a measuring, monitoring and control system designed for use in fish farms. It is both multi-channel and multi-parameter, and forms a modular small size complete system. A member of the Commander series of equipment, it can be used both as a stand-alone system or as a part of a larger Commander Pacific system.

  • Up to 20 probes : wired, wireless
  • Combination of relays and digital inputs/outputs (up tp 30 of each)
  • P-NET, TCP/Modbus, TCP/IP, USB
  • Built-in data logger
  • Touch-screen

Other components for more functionality

Combi Unit

I/O Unit

Probe Unit

Analogue Unit

  • 4 probes
  • 6 on/off inputs and/or outputs
  • 6 output relays

  • 8 on/off signals (either inputs, outputs or a combination)

  • Wired probes: DO, temperature, pH, redox (ORP), salinity, CO2 and TGP)

  • 8 analogue inputs for active and passive devices such as sensors, flow meters, etc.)


Complete system with software and SMS

Combi Units with temperature probes, water level sensors and valves

2 independent systems with the same software