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Use OxyGuard to measure and control DO, pure oxygen, CO2, ozone, temperature, pH, redox etc. etc.


If you want more than just a probe, whether it be one measurement or several hundred, then OxyGuard probably have the Stationary System that you need.On the other hand, if you "only" need an oxygen or temperature probe, click here. OxyGuard make probes with volts, millivolts, milliamps and with or without built-in galvanic isolation transmitters. There are large probes, small probes, probes for DO, probes for oxygen in gas, probes for use in the air etc. This section also includes a wide range of accessories, mounting fixtures and similar.


OxyGuard's "Handy" hand-held DO meters are still revolutionary. Click here to see the range of Handy and portable instruments. OxyGuard's pH meters and probes are also made for No Nonsense Measurement.


OxyGuard's meters for the direct measurement of dissolved CO2 and residual dissolved ozone are also unique! The OxyGuard PPB DO Analyzer probably needs less attention  than any other instrument for measuring PPB levels of dissolved oxygen in boiler water and the like.