Power Plant and District Heating

OxyGuard have two instruments specially designed for the low conductivity, very low oxygen content water found both in power stations and used for district heating.

To prevent corrosion dissolved oxygen levels must be kept to a few PPB (or micrograms per litre). The OxyGuard PPB Analyzer measures these very low levels of dissolved oxygen, and it does so with a minimum of attention. PPB level dissolved oxygen measurement does need a little care to perform accurately, but once the OxyGuard PPB has been set up correctly according to the easy to follow instructions in the manual it will give correct measurements for a long time with little or no attention. Users have achieved calibration check intervals of up to two years.

pH measurement is also used to control corrosion, but in very pure water has traditionally been very difficult. The high impedance of the water, added to the already high impedance of the pH measurement, is just part of the problem. Other problems are due to establishing a stable reference connection.The OxyGuard Pure Water pH Analyzer solves these and other problems and makes it quite easy to measure pH in this type of water.